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Votemojo is a community voting board that you can embed on your website in seconds



Previewmojo auto-generates beautiful and informative social media previews of your website


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Mojosaas is a bootstrapped open startup — live stats via Chartmogul and Mailchimp

Follow my progress towards $100,000 ARR


Today I'm launching a huge pivot in my startup journey, as well as committing to a single product from here on out.

Today I increased pricing plans across Votemojo and Previewmojo. All plans now start at $49 a month. Here's why charging $9 a month for your indie SaaS product is a really silly idea.

Mojosaas Product #2 launches today - introducing Previewmojo! Previewmojo is a tool that auto generates your social media preview images (open graph images) using your website meta data.

It's 2 weeks since I launched the first product and a couple of days before I leave Bali for BKK. I'm happy to announce that Mojosaas is now at 1% of the ARR target!

About 3 weeks after Episode 1 (including traveling from Malaysia to Singapore to Bali in the meantime) I'm happy to announce Mojosaas Product #1… introducing Votemojo!

It's been 2 weeks since I announced my new venture will be an open startup. It's been 1 week since I added the first metric for people to see. Here's how I'm feeling about it.

I'm entering the next phase of product development with a different perspective on what I'm going to build. Here are 4 of the criteria that I'm looking at.

It all begins here. Today I'm announcing my next move. Follow my progress in real-time towards $100,000 ARR!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this? What's going on?
I'm Jon Yongfook. For the last year I've been building a bunch of random things, now I'm launching a company based on the lessons learned.
What's ARR?
It means Annual Run Rate, or the amount of money my products make per year.
How will you get to $100k ARR?
I'm planning to launch 2 or 3 niche SaaS tools over the next few months. First one launches in October.
Why $100k? Why not a million bucks?
A $100k ARR target has a good balance of being achievable, and also legitimising what I'm doing as a business with some potential.
What's your timeline?
If I can hit this target in the next 18 months, I'll be very happy.